School Visits

As mayor in 2013, I made it a mission to visit every Elementary, Jr High and High School in Chino Hills.  Mission accomplished!

Chino Hills has been named one of the 100 Best City's in the United States to raise kids.  I visit schools every year to read to the various age groups....but that national award motivated me to make it my mission to visit every school in Chino Hills during mayor year.  My goal was to talk to as many kids as possible about city government, the history of Chino Hills and to answer as many questions as possible.  I thought it was also important to let the kids know that a mayor or council member is really just a regular person here in town.  In total, I visited 19 schools (Chino Hills High twice) which included all the Chino Hills CVUSD schools...along with Oxford Prep, Boys Republic and private Christian schools Loving Savior and Height's Christian. 

My visits varied from going from classroom to classroom to mass gatherings of classes in the schools multi-purpose room.  Every school visit had it's highlights.  Here are a couple of highlight questions from kids that immediately come to mind.  At Height's Christian School - 4th grade - "Where does your limo driver wait when you are talking to us in class" and  "how big is your mansion?"  (Now you see why I wanted to let the kids know Chino Hills elected's are regular people...just your neighbors.)  At Wickman Elementary- a 5th grade young lady asked - "Do you ever meet famous people?"  I said "yes"....thinking she was talking about people such as President Obama or Governor's Schwarzenegger or Brown.  But she said - "no, I am not talking about them...I want to know if you have met Beyoncé?"


A few interesting facts about my visits-

* Earliest start: 0 period and 1st period Ayala Government classes (6:30AM) 

    and I spoke for an hour to each class.

* Longest school visit: Eagle Canyon- 3 1/2 hours.

* Most kids attending one talk: not sure of the number, but it was all the 4-6  grade kids at Oxford Prep Academy.

* Most visits to one school:  I visited Chino Hills High two times to speak  each time to their AP Government classes.

* My longest day of speaking at schools: March 1- Ayala High (two periods), Hidden Trails and Oakridge....four hours total of speaking. 

       Following many of my visits, I received thank you cards from the younger kids.  Here is an example of the cards sent to me. This one from Height's Christian School, located on Madrugada Dr.