Special Olympics Host Town-          Chino Hills 2015

I was honored to be actively involved in the organization and planning of a Special Olympics activities in Chino Hills.  Bill Bryan, a board member from World Games LA (and Chino Hills resident) approached me inquiring if the City would host a delegation of up to 100 members for several days leading up to the beginning of  the World Games. Discussion and planning started in January 2014 with the culmination of the World Games in Los Angeles in July 2015.  It was true teamwork as we partnered with the City of Chino to host the country's of Laos and Poland for several days.  After the event culminated...all agreed that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our organizing team and the City......packed with emotion and new friendships.

It started here.......The Chino Hills Special Olympics team was comprised of Bill Bryan, Laura Montague, Dave Seltzer, Peter Patel, Julian Ervin, Jonathan Marshall, Valerie McClung, Jessica Gandara, Denise Cattern & Melissa Armit.  Some members are pictured above at the press conference.  What a great experience.  Thank you team!!
......and concluded here at the LA Coliseum with the Special Olympics World Games opening ceremonies.
    And in-between, the team worked hard to find lodging, sponsors, food, entertainment, translators.....and planning the logistics to make our visitors from Laos and Poland comfortable & entertained.