Chino Hills vs Edison

The shot heard round the state.  July 11, 2013 is the day residents of Chino Hills will always remember!  That is the date the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted in favor of Chino Hills and against SCE regarding the massive power lines they foisted on us several years prior.  The David and Goliath saga finally came to an end after a six year fight.  No one beats one!!  Chino Hills did!!!
This banner says it all!

A very large group of Chino Hills residents traveled to San Francisco on July 11 to attend the California Public Utilities Commission meeting.  The vote was in favor of Chino Hills.  This is a photo right after the decision of a very "energized" group.
The removal of the erected towers begins!
Chairman Peevey visited "ground zero" in Chino Hills to commemorate the historic decision by his Commission.  He is pictured with the city council in 2013.
Ground zero was Coral Ridge park.  It was renamed Hope for the Hills Park to honor the citizens such as Bob Goodwin and Joanne Genis who banded together to team up with the City and assist in the fight against Edison.
Presenting a certificate of appreciation to Michael Peevey, Chairman of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).  Mr Peevey initially voted to allow the towers to be installed in Chino Hills by SCE.  But after they were erected and Chino Hills challenged the decision, he listened...toured the SCE project site in Chino Hills...and common sense prevailed when he realized how much those powerful towers significantly impacted our residents along the route.  His behind the scenes effort made a big difference in the final vote.  In 2013, the CPUC reversed their initial decision and voted to underground 3.5 miles of the 5 mile route in our city.  Thank you Mr Peevey!!!