"Your credibility as a leader is partially measured by those who surround and support you.  I am proud of the quality of community members and leaders who feel enough confidence   in me to add their name to this list of supporters.  Thank you to the following groups and individuals!"

The Respect and Trust of the Community

   These are active supporters from my 2014 campaign.  I am seeking the same individuals to endorse me for the upcoming 2018 campaign.  "2018" indicates confirmed:


 Chino Valley Professional Firefighters 2018


Chino Hills Police / Deputy Sheriffs (SEBA) 2018

The Chino Valley Champion 2014

The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin 2014

The Riverside Press Enterprise 2014


Cynthia Moran               Vice Mayor, City of Chino Hills  2018


Ray Marquez                  Council Member, City of Chino Hills  2018


Art Bennett                    Council Member, City of Chino Hills  2018

Brian Johsz                    Council Member, City of Chino Hills  2018

Ed Graham                     Former Mayor, City of Chino Hills  2018

Ed Royce                        Congressman, 39th District  2018

Curt Hagman                  S.B. County Supervisor, 4th District  2018

Bob Huff                         Former State Senator, 29th District  2018


Gary Ovitt                       Chaffey College, Governing Board  2018


James Na                        Chino Valley School Board Member  2018


Sylvia Orozco                 Chino Valley School Board Member  2018


Mike Kreeger                  Chino Valley Fire Board  2018


Sarah Evinger                 Chino Valley Fire Board  2018


Ed Gray                           Chino Valley Fire Board  2018

Harvey Luth                    Chino Valley Fire Board  2018


Steve Elie                        IEUA Water Board Chairman  2018


Bill Taylor                        Parks and Recreation Commissioner  2018


Pat Hamamoto                 Parks and Recreation Commissioner  2018


Greg Higgins                   Parks and Recreation Commissioner  2018

Al Jackson                       Parks and Recreation Commissioner 2018


Joe Schaffer                    Parks and Recreation Commissioner 2018

Ron Nadeau                     Former Parks and Recreation Commish  2018

Bob Goodwin                   Public Works Commissioner  2018

Vincent Jones                  Public Works Commissioner  2018

Mike Kleczko                   Public Works Commissioner  2018


Bill McDonnell                 Public Works Commissioner  2018

Larry Rovira                     Public Works Commissioner  2018

Jerry Blum                       Planning Commissioner  2018

Adam Eliason                  Planning Commissioner  2018


Stephen Romero             Planning Commissioner  2018

Mike Stover                      Planning Commissioner  2018

Sheran Voigt                    Planning Commissioner  2018

Sylvia Nash                      Community Foundation Board Member  2018

Grace Capps                    Community Foundation Board Member  2018

Alan Berg                          Former School Principal  2018

Tom Mackessey                Country Springs Elementary Principal  2014

Simon Ho                           Neighborhood Watch Leader  2018

Laura Montague                Neighborhood Watch Leader  2018

Linda Briney-Fernandez   chARTS Committee  2018

Denise Bar                         Chino Hills Resident  2018

Debbie Long                      Chino Hills Resident  2018


Iris Tonti                            Manager, C21 Beachside Realty  2018

Jeanette Young                 Real Estate, Windermere Realty  2018

Fred Aguiar                        Former County Supervisor  2018

Patti Aguiar                        Former County Supervisor  2018       

David Kramer                    Los Serranos CC  2018

Tom Haughey                    Mayor Pro Tem, City of Chino  2018

Paul Leon                           Mayor, City of Ontario 2018

Carol Herrera                     Council member, City of Diamond Bar  2018

Steve Tye                            Mayor Pro Tem, City of Diamond Bar  2018

Acquanetta Warren            Mayor, City of Fontana  2014


John Dutrey                        Council Member, City of Montclair 2014

Jim Bowman                       Council Member, City of Ontario  2018


Dennis Michael                   Mayor, City of Rancho Cucamonga  2014

Debbie Stone                      Mayor, City of Upland  2018